Album Review: Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell

Album Cover, The Moon Rang Like a Bell

Album Cover, The Moon Rang Like a Bell

Well, I’m finally getting this thing going… Let’s talk about music! Welcome to the Wall of Sound, an all-things-music blog written and curated by yours truly.

For today’s post I’d like to give my opinion about an awesome up-and-coming act, Hundred Waters. I missed these suckers at Coachella 2014, where they supposedly graced the Heineken tent with an ethereal presence. ¬†Alas, not all hope is lost! This quintet will be visiting a theater near you (specifically for me, Center for the Arts on July 31st) in the coming months. Here we go…

Fresh off the release of their sophomore album, The Moon Rang Like a Bell, this Florida-based gang is quickly taking the musical universe by storm. The album opens strong, with an initial track led by crooning vocalist Nicole Miglis over the faint sound of sirens in the background. Moving quickly, the band finds itself transitioning into a delicious mixed-media frenzy of strong piano and fuzzy electronics accompanied by Miglis’ haunting voice album-wide. It really does create what Consequence of Sounds’ Zander Porter describes as “a world where a temporary¬†atmosphere exists simultaneously with feeling.” Just beautiful.

It can’t all be positive, right? I’m a bit critical when it comes to content, specifically lyrics. There are moments throughout this album where I’m left less than satisfied, wishing the content better matched the beautiful sounds, for example, “yesterday was your birthday… happy birthday.” WTF? Maybe I’m just too shallow to grasp the depth in this statement. Truth be told it’s nothing too unsettling, I’m just griping because that’s what I’m here to do. And the album is definitely still worth checking out, so have a listen! Also, this is a slower arrangement with lots of ambience. Best listen before bedtime, or even over a cup of tea. I highly doubt you’ll be running or pumping iron to this music, just a friendly word of warning. Enjoy!





Listen if you like: Alt-J, The xx

Favorite Tracks: ‘Murmurs,’ ‘Xtalk’

Where you can listen: Spotify

Fun Fact: Sonny Moore, A.K.A. Skrillex himself (!!!) signed these guys…